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Check out the promo video that resulted from this shoot!

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Soundbox Productions is one of the many vendors that we list on our site!

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In Hamilton Ontario, you should check out the Factory Media Center.

How will YOU make it?

Check out Simple Events - a web series that was made by an all volunteer cast and crew who are also members of indieOPTION.

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The purpose of this website is to bring independent filmmakers together. We want to enhance and reflect the vibrant communities that are already out there starting with the Golden Horseshoe in Canada where we all know the cool stuff is made. Check out our latest review!




So Join us and meet folks, let us know what you are up to and get help not only creating but promoting your content. We are here for you so that you can be here for each other.

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NOTE on the site reboot: For our existing members: This is a completely new site so you will need to sign up again. If you need assistance with your migration, please email us at [email protected].




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